Does battery draining fast on iPhone?

iPhones are one of the most popular mobiles among many more people. So the new iPhone 12 series and the previous iPhone 11 series have become very popular among consumers. But the question that still haunts many consumers is, ” Why is my iPhone battery draining so fast? ”, ” Why is my iPhone battery

Apple iPhone 12 Charger review

Apple iPhone 12 Fast Charger review

Techpromart We talked earlier about the iPhone 12 series phones. So you may remember that when we talked about the contents of this box, there was no charger inside the phone box of this iPhone 12 series. We were given only a lightning cable. So how do you charge your newly purchased iPhone 12 or

Apple iPhone 12 pro review

Apple iPhone 12 pro review

Today we present the Iphone 12 Pro smartphone review of Apple’s latest mobile phone series that has been requested by many Apple fans. So welcome to another review from techpromart. We invite everyone to continue to join us to read reviews about new gadgets in the tech world in a simple way. Today we are

HomePod Mini review

Apple HomePod Mini Review

Apple HomePod Mini Review  Today we are going to review about the Apple HomePod Mini, a cute product of Apple.  At its release October 13, 2020, Apple officials also announced new software for HomePod and HomePod mini. The iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch Homepod have the opportunity to communicate with each other. Apple has released