Apple HomePod Mini Review

Apple HomePod Mini review

Apple HomePod Mini Review

 Today we are going to review about the Apple HomePod Mini, a cute product of Apple. 

At its release October 13, 2020, Apple officials also announced new software for HomePod and HomePod mini. The iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch Homepod have the opportunity to communicate with each other.

Apple has released a number of mini devices these days. Among them are the Apple iPhone Mini and the Apple HomePod Mini. With that, Apple hopes to give us a cheaper apple device. Earlier Apple released a Home Pod and we can take care of the mini version of it. The Apple Homepod Mini measures 3.3 inches and the Apple HomePod 6.9 inches.

– Colors

HomePod Mini is available in white, black and space gray. 

 In this box you can see how the Apple Home Pod Mini looks from the side and how it looks from the top.Apple HomePod Mini has a round design with a flat top, separating it from the standard HomePod is cylindrical design.

HomePod Mini review

– Design

The Apple HomePod Mini comes with a spherical design covered with fabric.It has a touch interface for Siri activation and music control.

Apple HomePod is the interface on the Mini device that you can use to switch songs, play music or pause or change the volume. When the song is played, it illuminates underneath and moves rapidly around it. This gives it a weird look. It can release music to several rooms. Two Apple HomePod minis can be connected, but the Apple HomePod mini and the Apple HomePod cannot be connected to each other.

– Hardware and Software

The Apple HomePod Mini S5 chipset is the first chipset used in the Apple Watch Series 5. Apple uses the S5 chip to output maximum volume from the homepage mini small box. The S5 chip, manufactured by Apple, works with software developed by Apple.

 Like the larger Homepods, the Mini has a fixed power cord, but the Apple HomePod Mini has a USB-C port. Homepod mini has four microphones for receiving voice commands, but the original Homepod did not have four microphones.

Apple HomePod Mini review

 Although the HomePod Mini has less hardware than the HomePod, Apple says it offers a 360-degree sound experience. Homepod Mini has the ability to transfer sound from one device to another.HomePod mini can activate Find Me to help you find a lost iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, or Apple Watch in the home by triggering a sound. HomePod and HomePod mini both work with an Intercom feature that allows messages to be sent from one device to another. This supports a number of features.

With the first homepod, Apple gave priority to sound quality above all else. But you will still hear the attempt to make the small sound relatively good. Intercom works with other Apple devices as well, so any Apple device will receive a notification and can answer even when they are not near a Homepod. The Homepod Mini will sound better than the larger speakers, but it belongs in the small speaker’s class in terms of the sound it can produce. Once connected to an Apple account, anyone at home can control it with commands. Everyone in the house can play music, puse it, increase or decrease the volume.

HomePod Mini review

– Requirements

You need an iPhone or iPad to set up the Apple Homepod Mini. If you using smart home control, you need to use Apple’s home app and accessories. You’ll need to use your iPhone to make a phone call, read messages, or request the Apple Homepod mini to provide your calendar updates. Request Homepod Mini to make a phone call, read messages You need to use an iPhone. The Apple HomePod Mini includes MP3 VBR, Apple Lossless, AIFF, WAV, and FLAC. This is another achievement of Apple.

Apple HomePod Mini review

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