MacBook Air M1 Full Specifications

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MacBook Air M1 Full Specifications

MacBook Air M1 Full Specifications

Welcome everyone to our tech blog.  Today these laptop computers have become an essential thing for all of us. With this pandemic situation, the concepts of work from home and learn from home or E learning are rapidly gaining popularity all over the world. Apple has named their laptop computers MacBook. If you are thinking of buying an Apple MacBook this year, you can buy the Apple MacBook Air model for less than other MacBooks. The MacBook Air price range usually starts at $ 999. There is a lot of talk around the world that this new MacBook Air also has an M1 chip. So let’s talk about the laptop as well as this new M1 chip.


MacBook Air M1 Unboxing

First let’s talk about the laptop. When we buy a MacBook we get a small simple box. On one side of the box is written MacBook Air and on the other side is the Apple logo. Text is inserted in the back of the box. When unboxing, the first thing in the box is our MacBook Air. Below that is our laptop charger. There are two USB Type C connectors on either side. It also has papers and a wall adapter that can charge this MacBook fast. The portability of this MacBook is very high due to the small size.

MacBook Air M1 Full Specifications

MacBook Air M1 Full Specifications

It weighs 1.2 kg so it is very easy to travel with this device. Apple has always tried to give a premium feel and look by using high quality materials. No holes have been added to the back of this laptop for thermal management. Wonderful, isn’t it? Yes, this MacBook does not really have any cooling fan. Apple manages the heat without cooling fans. So when doing work you can do your work freely without any noise. In this price range you will not find a high quality display like no other laptop.

You can get a very good display experience with this laptop. The MacBook Air has a true tone display.  

It has a screen of 13.3. It has a maximum brightness level of up to 400 nits.  This MacBook Air also has a stereo speaker system that supports Dolby atmos. So you can get a high quality sound experience with this MacBook. This laptop has a 3.5mm headphone port. In this laptop, things like Lan ports have been removed and a very thin design has been given. So this laptop has 2 thunderbolt ports or 2 USB 4 ports. You can count up to 6K display out by connecting another connector to one of these thunderbolt ports.

MacBook Air M1 Full Specifications

M1 Chip

As you may have known for a long time, laptops made by Apple used Apple to create hardware and use a processor developed by Intel. Because they have to optimize these things again, Apple has created their own chip. Inside this little chip you have INCLUDED your CPU, GPU, MEMORY, NEURAL ENGINE and many more. Due to this chip heating issues have been eliminated and the performance has increased. Also found to increase battery life. This laptop has a 50% longer battery life than a normal laptop. When you buy this laptop, you can buy this MacBook Air in several storage capacities like 256GB 512GB 1TB. You can also buy a MacBook with 8GB or 16GB of memory. This M1 chip has an 8 core GPU and a CPU. The MacBook Air also has a well-designed keyboard. This laptop also comes with a touchpad designed to cover a large area. This M1 chip can run apps on both iPad and iPhone. In addition to the password, a touch id sensor has been added to the security side of the laptop. Bluetooth 5.0 supports wifi 6 This cool MacBook Air laptop.

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